Why Wind Farm Logistics?

Wind farming is a capital intensive industry with relative high operational risks.

This means a lot of money is involved and farm management requires a high level of expertise and devotion. For a small Wind Farm of several wind turbines the capital expenditure (CAPEX) will be several million US dollars and about the same for 20 years operating expenditures (OPEX). But when everything runs well the revenues makes this all worthy and within 10 years the Wind Farm has earned it’s CAPEX back and in the next 10 years it makes the same amount of profit!

As the same in other business, upscaling is also in the wind energy industry very profitable.
So nowadays Wind Farms become bigger and bigger. Farms with a CAPEX+OPEX of more than
1 billion US dollar up to 10 billion dollar are not unusual anymore. It is imaginable that investors of that kind of huge expenditures wants to be in control during the whole lifetime of wind farms. This during the phases of; design, realize, operate/maintain and phase-out. The integrated approach to perform this on the most cost-effective way is called Wind Farm Logistics (WFL).

Wind Farm Logistics covers all processes/activities needed to; design, realize, operate/maintain and phase-out. Wind Farms which must give the Shareholders the maximum insurance that their investments will be as sustainable and profitable as possible. The figure below shows on a schematic way the position of WFL in business.


To make Wind Farms most cost-effective during the whole lifecycle, from design to phase-out, high level engineering and management skills are needed. For that reason a Sino-Dutch project is started to set-up the WFL-Community and a Knowledge Innovation and Training Center.

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