WFL Postbachelor Entrance Exam




The entrance exam starts with two tests for moderately advanced English speakers. Each test should take no longer than 8-10 minutes to complete. You will receive feedback after every exercise.
There are two test levels. Level 1 is intended for the user who has an average command of the English language. Level 2 is intended for those who speak English at university level.
After completing the test, your results will be calculated and compared with the results of previous candidates. If you wish, you can even receive a certificate stating your results.

When you have passed the English Proficiency Test you can start with the WFL BSc Entrance Level Assessment

The Entrance Level Self Assessment is developed, so that student can test their basic knowledge by forehand. It exists of 5 lists with 20 questions related to:
1. Mechatronics (as a multidisciplinary field of engineering that includes a combination of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, control engineering and computer engineering)
2. Management and Organization
3. Business Economics and Management Accounting
4. Logistics Management 
5. Information Management
6. Behavioral Science.

(these tests will be available soon)

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