Study Approach

Guided Distance Learning

Guided Distance Learning is chosen as the basis for the WFL Course Program.

For 2015 WFL course material is developed for the WFL Principles Phase at BSc level with an equivalent of 20 European Credits (EC) in English.

Each course module consists of:

  1. a module description
  2. core material e.g. lecture handouts/readers
  3. related publications and literature  (all available at the WFL Portal)
  4. self-study assignments
  5. exam assignments.


The WFL Principles Phase is estimated at 560 study hours Based on approximately

20 % interactive self-study or class sessions. In total this will be about 120 hours of lecturing or interactive self-study. All course material will be available at the WFL Academy website.

Student Work Environment

A Student Work Environment is established at ‘My Program’ of the WFL Academy website. The Student Work Environment consists of:

  • Study Agenda per student
  • Progress Overview per student
  • Advices from Tutor Guidance (if applicable)
  • Discussion Boards
  • Invitations for attending Exam/Study Weeks and other related events, e.g. WFL conferences.

Study Agenda

The Study Agenda is build-up as follows:

1.general introduction to the WFL Academy and Guided Distance Learning approach.

2.general introduction to Wind Farm Logistics

3.a study program per course module which exists of:

  • a module description
  • core material e.g. lecture handouts/readers (prescribed literature)
  • related publications and literature (all available at the WFL Portal)
  • self-study assignments, including a scoring system (also available at the WFL Portal)
  • exam program (when attending the exam/study weeks).

GDL students can participate by the Internet with their own device (computer, laptop or tablet). After enrollment they can log-in at ‘My Program’ and navigate to their own work environment.

There is the ability to enroll for ‘Tutor Guidance’ also. Online support is offered for all modules for a fixed  fee per 12 months.  The main objective is to support students by keeping on track and helping them by fulfilling the assignments. This includes several hours coaching by mail or Skype and  if possible, face-to-face coaching, e.g. during the exam/study weeks.

Exam/Study Weeks

All scores will be recorded in the Student Database and if the results, of the self-study assignments, are sufficient a certificate, of attending these modules, will be produced automatically and send to the student. It confirms that the student has sufficient practical knowledge and skills, with regard to the modules completed.

To achieve a diploma or BSc certificates a formal exam must be passed. This  in addition of the self-study assignments. To achieve this, students must enroll for exam weeks. An agenda of the exam/study weeks is available at the WFL Portal on which students can enroll for an exam and coaching.


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